Integra Shell Chairs

Developed as an aid for moving and handling residents in nursing home environments; the Integra Shell Chair is an ideal transfer aid and provides the user with support and comfort. The Integra Shell Seat tilts forward easily to help the user stand up from the chair. Ideal for users who are seated for long periods at a time as the Integra reclined positioning provides support and comfort.

  • Gas assisted tilt in space chair
  • Easy adjustment due to the ergonomically designed push handle with hand lever
  • Angle adjustable and removable leg rest which automatically moves under the seat when the chair is tilted forwards, enabling the user to get out of the chair with ease
  • Velcro attached ergonomically designed headrest, which can be easily adjusted
  • Lap belt is fitted as standard for additional safety
  • Handy storage pocket on the backrest
  • Easy to manoeuvre high quality brake wheels (12.5cm) which integrally rotate 360 degrees
  • Directional wheel enables the chair to be transferred in a straight line
  • Good hoist access for easy moving and handling
  • Brown PVC upholstery on the outside of the chair with Grey two way stretch, vapour permeable material on the backrest, seat and leg section
  • 2 braked castors at the rear