P&G Professional

At CareHomeLife we understand your priority is to ensure your colleagues and residents are safe and feel protected in your care home. The P&G Professional portfolio of cleaning, disinfection and antibacterial products can contribute to good hygiene practices, helping them to feel safe and at home. Their special formulations of trusted brands can help you to create a hygienic clean, fresh-smelling and inviting home-like environment.

* Flash C5 All Enveloped viruses 3% (1 minute contact time with clean conditions, 5 minutes contact time with dirty conditions) based on EN14476
* Flash C2 All Enveloped viruses (15 seconds contact time with clean conditions) based on EN14476.
* Milton Kills Enveloped Viruses (NFT72-180 - 15 minutes). Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.