Plastic Step-on Bins

Hand transmission is one of the most common ways viruses and bacteria can spread, replacing your bins with touch-free options is a simple way to help reduce the risk to those on your premises.
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Code Description Ltr Body Lid Per Pack Price
UCEQ0127 30ltr Plastic White Step-On Bin 30ltr White White EACH
UCEQ0128 30ltr Plastic Yellow Step-On Bin 30ltr Yellow Yellow EACH
UCEQ0116 30ltr Plastic White Step-On Bin with Red Lid 30ltr White Red EACH
UCEQ0106 40ltr Plastic Pedal Bin Steel 45ltr White White EACH
UCEQ0100 45ltr Plastic Yellow Step-On Bin 45ltr Yellow Yellow EACH
UCEQ0131 70ltr Plastic White Step-On Bin 70ltr White White EACH
UCEQ0123 70ltr Plastic Yellow Step-On Bin 70ltr Yellow Yellow EACH
UCEQ0132 70ltr Plastic White Step-On Bin with Red Lid 70ltr White Red EACH
UCEQ0179 45ltr Plastic Red Step-On Bin 45ltr Red Red EACH
TCEQ0006 60ltr Pedal Sack Holder - White With Green Lid EACH
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