Face Towels

Produced on the latest air jet shuttless looms with double stitched hems to protect the longevity of the towel to ensure best quality, we use the latest stitching techniques and finishing processes.

The more the towels are washed the softer and more luxuriant they become.

Sizes as below:
Face: 30cm x 30cm

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Code Description Colour Min Order Per Pack Price
ETOW0268 White Face Cloth White 1 12PACK
ETOW0269 Peach Face Cloth Peach 1 12PACK
ETOW0270 Wine Face Cloth Wine 1 12PACK
ETOW0271 Navy Face Cloth Navy 1 12PACK
ETOW0272 Cream Face Cloth Cream 3 12PACK
ETOW0273 Mushroom Face Cloth Mushroom 3 12PACK
ETOW0274 Pink Face Cloth Pink 3 12PACK
ETOW0275 Mint Face Cloth Mint 3 12PACK
ETOW0276 Blue Face Cloth Blue 3 12PACK
ETOW0277 Lemon Face Cloth Lemon 3 12PACK
ETOW0278 Dark Green Face Cloth Dark Green 3 12PACK
ETOW0279 Chocolate Face Cloth Chocolate 3 12PACK
ETOW0280 Terracotta Face Cloth Terracota 3 12PACK
ETOW0281 Plum Face Cloth Plum 3 12PACK
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