Incontinence Care

With far-reaching benefits for the resident, carer and care home, our complete Incontinence Care Solution will enable the highest levels of outstanding care. Helping every care home to reduce clinical waste, streamline the ordering process and, through the use of the correct products, free up staff to do more with their time.

Any programme of incontinence care needs to be comprehensive and have the dignity of the resident at its heart. The highly effective CareHomeLife 4 Step complete Incontinence Care Solution enables a nursing home to use a premium range of incontinence products and still make cost savings.

Step 1: Assessment
Step 2: Distribution
Step 3: Training
Step 4: Management

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Effective Continence Care is something that is very important to us, as product wise there is only a small difference between bad continence care and good continence care, which is sometimes undetectable but can cause many problems for both carers and users.  If the dignity of our loved ones is of paramount importance, great attention should be paid to ensuring good continence care is achieved.