Oxy-tech Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

Oxytech Antimicrobial Gloves play an active role in reducing the spread of infections by using its killing mechanism. Contrary to conventional medical gloves that serve only as a passive barrier between microbes and your hand, Oxytech Antimicrobial gloves help reduce the risk of transmission from an infection source to a susceptible patient.

World’s 1st non-leaching antimicrobial gloves
Kills up to 99.999% of selected bacteria*
Provides active protection against HAIs
Tested non-sensitising on skin

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Code Description Material Colour Size Per Pack Price Qty
QGLO0092 Oxy-tech - Large Oxy-Tech Blue Large 200
£25.13 (exc VAT)
QGLO0093 Oxy-tech - X-Large Oxy-Tech Blue X-Large 200
£25.13 (exc VAT)